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Red Sandalwood is a well-known long-time venture involving high returns on investments. Its cultivation is a profitable business. Red Sandal cultivators can earn not in lakhs but earn in crores by cultivating Red Sandals. As per one estimate, the revenue from a hectare of red sandal cultivation can be between Rs1.2 to 1.5 crores in 15 years. If you invest in Red Sandal today, within a span of 10-15 years you will be having an asset worth crores. Right now the best option to invest in RedSandal is by investing in the Red sandal Project by Sai Properties and Projects Red Sandal project. 

About Red Sandal 


Best investment in Hyderabad Red Sandal, also known as “Lal Chandan '' in Hindi and “Erra Chandanam '' in Telgu. It is found/cultivated mainly on the eastern coast of India, particularly in Kadapa, Kurnool, Chittoor, and Nellore districts of Andhra Pradesh, South India, are ideal for growing red sandalwood(map). Aromatherapy and essential oil enthusiasts are familiar with the distinct, calming scent of red sandalwood. Due to the high demand for its scent in the 1800s, native sandalwood from India and Hawaii nearly went extinct. Fearing threats of extension, the red sandal is a rare wood that has a high market value, particularly for medicinal uses. Being banned for some time due to the illegal smuggling of its wood, the red sandal is now grown on the well-drained soil of Andhra Pradesh by experts as a part of the Red sandal Project by Sai Properties and Projects. You can also be part of managed farmlands, by investing in the red sandal project and becoming a partner in profit. Want to know more, get in touch with   Sai Properties and Projects

Red Sandal Cultivation

The best soil suited for red sandal cultivation is red soil, with a blend of loam and sand. Red sandals grow well in hot, dry climates. The rainfall required for better growth of red sandals is about 800mm-1000mm annually. 
Red sandal grows well in all the districts of Andhra Pradesh's eastern coast. It is better to do soil testing before starting the cultivation of red sandal as done by Sai Properties and Projects, when they select a plot for managed farming of red sandal, the first thing to be done is do soil testing. The end of May to the beginning of June, when the rainy season begins, is the ideal time for planting Red Sandalwood. Typically, two-year-old nursery plants' stumps or seedlings that have been raised on them are transplanted to the new plot. With a 4 m  4 m spacing, it is advised to have 600 Red Sandalwood plants per hectare. After following the proper cultivation techniques, it generally takes about 10-15 years for a red sandal tree to give a better yield. If you today invest in the red sandal project by Sai Properties and Projects, you have to be worry-free, Sai Properties and Projects takes care of red sandal cultivation on your owned plot after signing a lease agreement with a profit share of 60% to the client.

Earn in Crores by Cultivating Red Sandal

If you are looking to make an investment, with high returns, it is best to invest in red sandal cultivation. An investment in a red sandal project can make you a millionaire in the next few years.
Growing sandalwood can yield huge rewards on investment. The heartwood of the sandalwood tree grows over a period of 12 to 15 years and is ready for harvesting when the tree is about eight years old. The farmer can swiftly harvest 15 to 20 kg of wood annually after the tree reaches maturity. The normal price per kilogram for this wood is between 3,000 and 7,000 rupees