Why is red sandal so costly? Is it good to invest in Red Sandal?

Blog / Why is red sandal so costly? Is it good to invest in Red Sandal?
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Why is red sandal so costly? Is it good to invest in Red Sandal?

Red sandalwood is a precious, rare wood with unlimited benefits and uses in different sectors, which makes it very expensive. The demand for red sandalwood originates mostly in the international market and is concentrated in East Asian nations like China, Japan, Myanmar, and others.

Red Sandal Uses

The red sandal is also referred to as "Rakta Chandan." It is a different kind of sandalwood that only grows in southern India's eastern Ghats, particularly in Andhra Pradesh. The tree is well-known for its distinctive, vivid red-colored wood. However, there is no scent to the wood of this rakta Chandan. It is tiny in size but has a maximum height of 20 to 25 feet. Red sandal is renowned for its traditional medicinal uses as well, including the treatment of dysentery, and bleeding, and as an antipyretic and inflammatory.

Red sandalwood has health benefits. According to the Institute of Wood Science & Technology, wood has a cooling effect when applied topically to treat inflammations like headaches, biliary affections, and skin conditions. It also works better for treating conditions like fever, boils, scorpion stings, and skin conditions like headaches and skin conditions.


According to the Indian Journal of Applied Research, it is a good raw material for musical instruments and opulent furniture. Additionally, it produces santaline dye, which is used to colour foods and pharmaceutical preparations.


Why  red sandal is costly

The Red Sandal is the most expensive wood in the world. High demand globally makes the commercial production of Red sandalwood very productive. However, you cannot cultivate these trees separately, and you require state government approval to chop and sell the wood. Given that sandalwood is more valuable than other types of wood, the entire tree is cut down for harvesting sandalwood rather than just the part of the trunk nearest the ground. The tree usually takes 10-15 years to grow for commercial use. The smugglers are hunting down the trees at a faster pace than their regrowth, bringing them to extension.  The high demand and illogical sales are one of the reasons their price is skyrocketing in the international market. However, it is legally possible to grow, cut, and sell sandalwood at a high profit by following government rules and norms.  If you are looking to be part of the legal planting, cultivating, and selling of sandalwood, it is better to invest in Sai Properties and Projects Red Sandal project.



Is it good to invest in Red Sandal?

The cost of a kilogram of Red Sandalwood is around three thousand rupees. A matured plant of red sandalwood can weigh about 15-20kg. It takes about 10-15 years for a red sandal plant to get harvest-ready, thus making red sandal a really good investment. If today you are investing in red sandal cultivation in the right way, you can be a millionaire after 10-15 years. If you are looking to make a future-ready investment, it is better to invest in red sandal plantations. In India the agriculture income is tax-free, thus Red Sandal investment gives a return that is tax-free. Invest today in Red sandal cultivation with Sai Properties and Projects and secure the future of your future generations.

Low investment High Return in Andhara Pradesh

If you are looking for a low investment, high return opportunity in Andhra Pradesh, there is no other investment than investing in Red Sandal which has low investment and high return guarantees. The Land Of Andhra Pradesh is Suitable for Red Sandal Cultivation. Red sandalwood is the world's most costly wood and can be grown in Andhra Pradesh profitably. With the government tightening the noose on the illegal smuggling of Red sandals. The growing of sandalwood by companies like Sai Properties and Projects.  Sai Properties and Projects follow all the prerequisites put forward by the government of Andrapardesh to grow sandalwood. If you are looking for investing in Red Sandal, the only best option to do so is investing in Sai Properties and Projects Red Sandal Project in Andhra Pradesh