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Chairman Message

About Us / Chairman Message

Dear Customers, Marketing team and Staff

SPP has once again proved its master class ability in reaching its goals and recorded the highest performance even during the Covid pandemic. I would like to thank all our SPP family members for giving their best efforts in this situation.

SPP is growing rapidly every day with its dreams getting fulfilled by implementing the ideas and one of the major achievements is, SPP has become SPP Limited. SPP Farm Lands Private Limited was incorporated to procure lands. For joint and mutual cultivation, Sai Properties & Projects Rural, Economical, and Agricultural Development welfare Society(SPREADS) was formed. We plan to establish Industry and to market the by-products of Red Sandalwood plants to get more profits to our customers.

SPP is exceptional in reaching our esteemed customer expectations by executing all the tasks as planned and promised. SPP is more practical than words and it is proved by delivering 14 years of continuous service with successful completion of multiple projects.

I would like to convey my heartfelt wishes to all our SPP family members for your valuable expertise and contribution in making this project a great success. I aspire that this New Year will lead us to substantial growth in the distant future.

Ch. Sai Srinivas