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Sai Properties and Projects stands as an innovative opportunity in the field of real estate. This brings in a probability where people will eventually choose the best means that are put forth into investment that  yields good results and are profitable . Returns are important when it is about the investment that is being planned and therefore the chairman of red sandalwood plantations, Mr. Chamakuri Srinivas Rao is one of the visionary leaders that developed the concept of bringing about sustainable and profitable entities into existence. Red sandalwood plantations are a niche these days because it is committed to be providing various industries with the capability of furnishing models. To bring this idea into existence, there is a commitment that is provided by the chairman and the concept is harnessed in such a way that will level up all the opportunities that will result in profitable standards. Investing in red sandalwood plantations is a prosperous deal because it is nevertheless a unique projection into various fields of real estate and people will derive excellence once they have invested. It is provided by Sai properties and projects with respect to red sandalwood plantations, investment that will result in the profitable entities which are related to future. By not just dealing with extravagance, it has also been a well versed entity that will highlight and acknowledge the various concerns and issues which are related.












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Red sandal wood

Red sandalwood is a special tree where the tree trunk is also known to be the heartwood, and it consists of several values which are medicinal. This medicinal value of red sandalwood plantations will resolve many issues that are existing and therefore the primary purpose of red sandalwood plantations in pharmaceuticals along with the medical industries holds a lot more standards. Investing in red sandalwood plantations would be a profitable entity because the future revolves around red sandalwood plantations and the kind of purposes that it holds. By not just dealing with the liberal standards, it has got an immense return that will be garnered just like any other favorable investment that bring in huge amount of returns. To be able to deal with red sandalwood plantations one will have to develop a clear and a thorough knowledge and therefore Sai property stands as a derivable entity that explains each and every one of the properties and the standards ,for example, would be plantation.

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Plotting & land Development

Before we purchase the land we test the soil, if the soil  has all the required mineral....

Solar Power

Solar panels are installed in  all our ventures due to their ability to generate electricity....

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a type of micro-irrigation system that has the potential to save water and nut....


Maintenance activities in agriculture are very diverse. They include maintenance and repair of ma....

How is the Process

  • At least 25 cents is considered one unit
  • Each unit will have 90 plants
  • Registering the land as agricultural land  with a clear title
  • Assistance to get an Agriculture Passbook
  • Right from planting the seedling to cutting the wood, SPP is here to take care.
  • 60% share to customers and 40 % share to SPP
  • 5-stepped security protocol


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